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Darwin, finches and poker chips - an agile journey

Bill Lee and Dawn Nicholls gave a very successful presentation about our experience with Agile project methods at this year's EDUCAUSE conference in California.  You can see their slides at the link below.

Darwin... slides

Bill tells me that he knew the session was going well when everyone in the audience closed their laptops and put away their mobile phones.  These days, thereare visible signs that your audience is paying attention!  Dawn and Bill had worked very hard preparing their joint presentation.  It took more effort working together than a one-person presentation would have done, but it produced a better show.

This was the first time we have presented a session at the prestigious EDUCAUSE conference.  Members of IS have attended the conference for several years and we believe that the University of Edinburgh is "up there" with the world's best - ahead in some areas, lagging in others.  So this year we decided to submit some proposals for presentations.  In fact, we had two proposals accepted: the other was given by Martin Morrey on our experience with Google analytics to understand usage of the university's portal.

From Black Hole... slides

I hope we can return to EDUCAUSE with more presentations in the future.


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