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Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing

At HC2008 I was introduced to the XDS standard for Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing (not to be confused with several other uses of the XDS acronym). XDS is a profile of the ebXML standards for registries and other related standards to specify a system for sharing medical documents. The important point is that XDS is supported by several major vendors and has been deployed in clinical health systems in several countries. As far as I'm aware, it has not made any impact in the grid world.

The basic XDS standard can be extended to address particular use cases or to add functionality. One popular extension handles DICOM files (a format widely used in medical imaging). Another (XCA) supports federated registries, removing the single point of failure of the basic model.

I think it is worth investigating for other e-Science applications. It may be simpler to leverage this work than to reinvent it. Also, it might be possible to apply our work on e-infrastructure security to the fed…

PGC08 to discuss Green HPC

GridToday reports that the Platform Global Conference will include a panel on whether HPC data centres can "go green". Among the strategies they will discuss include energy-directed scheduling, i.e. dynamically allocating workload to minimise electricity consumption.

It so happens that I am organising a workshop at OGF23 on exactly this subject. We will be looking at the details of what is needed to make this a reality and what steps are needed to make this idea a reality.