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The APQC Process Classification Framework

The APQC Process Classification Framework (PCF) is another tool we can use when reviewing administration processes, particularly for support functions such as HR or Finance. The PCF is a cross-industry  taxonomy of business processes, intended to allow the objective comparison of performance within and among organizations.  Although it models commercial businesses rather than universities, it includes a section on management and support services covering HR, Finance, Estates, External Relationships, and so on.

Each section is basically a hierarchical catalogue of business functions.  To take Finance as an example, the framework includes top-level items such as "Perform revenue accounting", "Perform general accounting and reporting", "Process payroll", and so forth.  Each of these are broken down into sub-tasks, such as "Report time", "Manage pay" and "Process payroll taxes".  The image below illustrates the structure of the f…