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Interlude: New opportunities for user interfaces

In my previous entry, I promised some thoughts on presentations at OGF20. Since then you will have seen nothing from me. This is not because I lost interest; unfortunately I've been in hospital and then recuperating. Now I'm well again, back to work and the proud owner of a heart pacemaker. I still plan to blog some thoughts arising from OGF20, but for this entry I will deal with a different topic.

I've just read and been inspired by Chris Mairs' 2006 Turing Lecture on Inclusion and Exclusion in the Digital World. Chris takes what could be a dull (albeit important) topic and makes it very interesting by showing the big picture. He's talking about accessbility, which previously I tended to associate with detailed guidelines about which colours to use on web pages and how to tag HTML images with meaningful "Alt" tags. I did consider it important - I'm now old enough to hate small fonts - but I didn't find it inspiring.

Chris's lecture looks…