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How to spread architectural thinking?

As I noted in October, my rate of blogging has dropped noticeably, from 34 posts in 2016 to a mere 7 last year.  I don't really adopt new year's resolutions but as a goal for this year, I would like to wrote more posts.  I like to keep this blog both as a means for letting colleagues know what we're working on, and as an area of reflection for myself.

The two main obstacles to writing more stem from the same source: the University has a large number of initiatives under way and we are trying to support them with a architecture team of just three people.  So on the one hand, we have a lot of other demands on our time aside from writing for this blog, while on the the other hand the initatives are large and ongoing, which makes them hard to summarise in succinct posts. 

Yet to make our architecture work yield its best effect, we have to write, and talk, and communicate widely.  And, to be fair, we do this: via board reports, presentations, one-to-one meetings, strategy docum…