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New Blog

I have created an official blog for the Enteprise Architecture service at the University of Edinburgh.  You can follow it at the link below.  The new blog is intended for updates and news from the EA team (not just me).  So far, I've just posted an introductory article linking to Gerben Wierda's animation "Why Enterprise Architecture", and I may repost some of the older articles from this Distributed Thinking blog.

As the new blog will be the place for all official news, I'll save this Distributed Thinking blog for more personal reflections and perhaps for some more opiniated pieces that have no place on an official site.


Popular posts from this blog

Business Model Canvas

A Business Model Canvas is a tool for mapping the core functions and capabilities of an organisation.  Compared to the Core Diagrams that I described in an earlier post, the business model canvas attempts to present more aspects of the business, starting with the value proposition – a statement of what the organisation offers to its users (in the business world, to its customers).  It shows the activities and resources, as Core Diagrams do, but also shows user relationships & channels, and also benefits and costs.  I’m not aware of any universities that have used this tool but you can find examples from elsewhere on the web.

We are considering business model canvases as a tool for mapping the strategic capabilities of units at the University of Edinburgh.  Phil Taylor, our EA contractor, sketched an outline of what a business model canvas might begin to look like for HR:
This is only intended to be suggestive: the real canvas would need to result from in-depth discussions about th…

Technology Strategy Board: Information Day, 22nd October

I've been asked to publicise the following event.

The Technology Strategy Board has arranged an Information Day for Wednesday 22nd October to outline the various R & D Competitions being planned over the next 9 months.

This Information Day will provide delegates with an opportunity to find out about the activities of the Technology Strategy Board and gain an understanding of the application process for Collaborative R&D Competitions as well as find out about other Technology Strategy Board activities.

The event, being held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Central Birmingham, will open at 09:30 for a 10:00 start and will close at approximately 16:30; a full agenda will be available shortly.

To register for this event please click on the following link and complete the on-line registration form

For more information on the Technology Strategy Board please visit their web site